Cupping therapy: An alternative therapeutic approach

If you are looking for effective ways to deal with unpleasant physical symptoms that are making your life difficult, cupping therapy has been a unique method for dealing with these issues for decades. It may prove to be one of the most pleasant and effective ways to relieve yourself of tiredness and muscular pain as well as any other irksome symptoms inflicted on your body by even a simple case of the flu.

Unfortunately, as you know winter does not only bring your favorite holidays with it, but also a spike in infections. These, like the common flu, mostly regard the respiratory system. Read below, how cupping therapy can help your body recover in depth after such a case.

What is cupping therapy and how is it performed?

First, let us mention a few facts regarding this method of massage. Cupping massage is widely used by specialized therapists. Technically speaking, it is nothing more than what you imagine.

The specialist performs therapeutic chiropractic moves and utilizes specially-crafted suction cups. They are essentially the same with the ones your grandma uses. They are famously used as "traditional medicine” by elders!

The way things look, cupping is more than just a therapeutic "myth”. The data seems to confirm the change it makes on your body can truly be of help.

How does cupping therapy affect your body?

To be more specific, we need to explain how exactly it affects your organism. This way, you will more easily understand how these changes can help you. The key-point on which this method rests regards the improvement of blood-flow.

As the data points out, suction cups in conjunction with massage boost the circulatory system. In short, cupping massage supports the unobstructed operation of your blood vessels. It increases the free flow of oxygen and helps with the removal of harmful toxins.

Furthermore, you should know that through the enlargement of the blood vessels that increases your blood flow, you may rid yourself of symptoms of cellulite and local fat. It is a multi-effective therapeutic method.

Why cupping therapy after a viral infection?

We have already mentioned that winter is viruses’ favorite season, especially the ones affecting the respiratory system. Most common being the common flu (rhinitis). The last few years, of course, we have also had to deal with the threat of Covid-19. This year, however, an increase in flu infections, which normally manifests during spring, has been observed as well.
These illnesses, other than the fact they are caused by viruses, have one thing in common. That is the muscular and joint pain they can cause both during and after infection. So, if you have recently been through one of these viral infections, it is very likely you are still experiencing its physical symptoms.

Cupping therapy guarantees your swift recovery from these symptoms. It will help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation in an alternative and natural way.

We wholeheartedly recommend trying out a unique cupping therapy session and witness its results. Don’t forget that we at Stretch&Relax are always near you for any inquiries or details regarding our services.

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