massage & pilates giftcard

Bring Joy To A Loved One - Make a Wellness gift

Are you searching for the perfect gift that will bring relaxation to your mom, comfort to your wife, rejuvenation to your brother, serenity to your best friend, and restore the overall well-being of your loved ones? Look no further! Strech&Relax offers an exceptional opportunity to present an unforgettable wellness gift to those dear to your heart.

With our Gift Card, you have the flexibility to choose the desired amount, allowing your loved ones to redeem it for a blissful massage session or an invigorating Pilates Reformer workout. As an added touch, the Gift Card includes a symbolic surprise gift carefully selected for your loved ones, which changes periodically.

Digital creation & purchase

You can create and purchase gift cards through our online platform. Use it to:
  • customize the card depending on the occasion,
  • choose an amount or service to gift,
  • choose between multiple payment methods,
  • choose your preferred method of giving the card.


Alternative purchase methods

You may obtain our gift cards by simply contacting us at +30 210 8994734, or by visiting any of our branches, and our dedicated team will assist you

Give the gift of relaxation, comfort, and rejuvenation with Strech&Relax, and create lasting memories of well-being for your loved ones.