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At Stretch&Relax, our specialized dynamic and therapeutic massage relieves pain, strengthens muscles, and aligns the spine. We offer personalized sessions for injury rehabilitation and competition preparation. Experience the benefits of sports massage, promoting relaxation, flexibility, and muscle release. Consult our therapists for the optimal duration.
Accelerate injury rehabilitation and enhance sports performance with our specialized sports massage. Experience deep pressure, dynamic massages, and sports stretches that relax your body, increase flexibility, and promote optimal muscle release and function.

Ideal for athletes and sportsmen

For optimal results, consult our therapists to determine the ideal duration and customize the massage to suit your specific needs. 

Massage for two also available

Indulge in a shared massage experience with your loved one in our specially designed rooms for two. Ranging from a shorter, 25-minute session up to a luxurious 95-minute treatment, we offer a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Simply let us know during your phone booking that you would like a massage for two and specify your desired duration. Upon your arrival, our experienced therapists will guide you to either a shared cabin or separate rooms, ensuring a personalized and relaxing experience for both of you. Embrace the opportunity to unwind and bond together as you enjoy the benefits of our rejuvenating massages,

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4 sessions package, at 10% discount

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